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Accreditation Seals Correction 04-2019

UBRL Livestock Diagnostics

UBRL Livestock Diagnostics is headquartered in Fresno, CA to provide diagnostic services for efficient herd management for the livestock operations in United States and Canada

Our goal is to provide both Veterinarians & Producers the tools for monitoring and improving livestock health to maximize herd productivity. Productivity and profits are maximized by focusing on:

• Improving reproductive efficiency. 

• Increasing production yields.

• Maintaining healthy animals by routine biosecurity screening/testing.


About Us

UBRL has a robust Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC) policy for Livestock Diagnostics to provide accurate results and prompt service to our clients.


• ... is USDA approved for EIA (Coggins)- ELISA.

• ... is USDA approved for Johne's Disease- Serology.

• ... is a BioPRYN (BioTracking) affiliate lab for Pregnancy testing in blood.

• ... is a proud member of American Dairy Goat Association (ADGA).

• ... follows good laboratory practices (GLP) for research services.