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**Temporary Test Schedule**

Monday, June 24th - Friday, June 28th:

Disease testing will not be run this week.

Pregnancy will only be run once, Thursday 4pm with Friday reporting.

All samples not run this week will be reported Wednesday, July 3rd. Lab will be open for receiving samples, but we will have limited availability. Please contact us by email for a quicker response.

Monday, July 1st - Friday, July 5th:

Biosecurity will be run Tuesday Noon with Wednesday reporting.

Pregnancy will only be run once, Tuesday at 4pm with Wednesday reporting.

Lab is closed for 4th of July. No Friday reporting.

Monday, July 8th:

Back to Normal Schedule


Schedule & Pricing

 *Payment Required Prior to Reporting*

Payment Methods: Check, Money Order, Debit, Credit & Cash

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