Hematocrit: CPT 85014

CPT Code: 



Whole blood 


Tube fill capacity 

Minimum Volume: 

0.5 mL 


Lavender-top (EDTA) tube


Automated cell counter


Invert tube immediately 8 to 10 times once tube is filled at time of collection.

Reference Range:  

Males:   4.0-10.5 103/µL 
Females:  4.0-10.5 103/µL 


Storage: Maintain specimen at room temperature.


Temperatures  Period 
Room Temperature  1 Day 
Refrigerated  3 Days 
Frozen  Unstable 
Freeze/thaw cycles Unstable



The HCT is the comparison of the cellular portion of the blood to the serum (fluid) portion. This comparison is reported as a percentage. A low number of red blood cells causes a low HCT. Men tend to have higher hematocrits than women. The hematocrit is often used along with a hemoglobin to evaluate anemias, blood loss, and state of hydration or suspect polycythemic condition and response to treatment. 


Causes for Rejection:  Hemolysis; clotted specimen; tube not filled with minimum volume; improper labeling; specimen received in any anticoagulant other than EDTA; specimen received with plasma removed; specimen diluted or contaminated with IV fluid; specimen received in whole blood transport tube; specimen more than 48 hours old.