LDL Cholesterol (CHOL)


CPT Code:



Serum or plasma


0.5 mL

Minimum Volume:

0.1 mL


 Red-top tube, gel-barrier tube, lavender-top (EDTA) tube, or green-top (heparin) tube


Enzymatic/spectrophotometric without sample pretreatment


Serum, EDTA-treated or heparinized (lithium or sodium heparin) plasma are the recommended specimens.  Serum or plasma samples should be removed from cells within 3 hours of venipuncture.

EDTA plasma results should be multiplied by 1.03 to provide serum-equivalent results.

Reference Range: 

0-99 mg/dL

Stability:  If not tested within 24 hours:

Temperatures  Period 
Refrigerated (2-8 ⁰C)  3 Days 
Frozen (-20 ⁰C)  Several Weeks 
Frozen (-70 ⁰C)  Longer Storage 


Low-density lipoprotein (LDL), also a fat and protein combination, contains more fat than HDL, and is often called “bad cholesterol.” LDL tends to build up as fatty deposits in the artery walls, hindering the flow of oxygen to the heart muscle. 

Causes for Rejection:   

Use of anticoagulants containing citrate 

Interfering Substances: 

Bilirubin (unconjugated) of 80 mg/dL will decrease an ALDL result of 124 mg/dL by 10%.

Lipemia (Intralipid) of 3000- mg/dL will decrease an ALDL result of 122 mg/dL by 19%.