Specimen Handling and Collection Kit

Sample Handling and Collection Kits

Certain supplies necessary to draw and submit specimens for analysis by Universal Biomedical Research Laboratory (UBRL) are provided to customers as part of our testing services. UBRL assembles and distributes protocol-specific specimen collection kits to simplify and streamline the collection process for single and multi-site clinical trials. Kits are tailored to your specific sampling needs for the study and can be shipped worldwide. Type and quantity of items must correlate to the number of specimens submitted to UBRL for testing. The specimen samples collected can be returned to the testing laboratory of your choice for bioanalytical and/or pharmacokinetic analysis. Specimen collection devices supplied by UBRL are to be used only for the collection of specimens for processing by UBRL. Such supplies are not to be used to store or dispose of biological materials, including sharp instruments, or for any activity not connected with the collection of specimens for processing by UBRL. To order supplies contact a UBRL representative at (559) 498-0820

Protocol-Specific Specimen Collection Kits
All specimen collection kits (collection supplies, labels, and shipping materials) are customized based on the protocol for the clinical trial. We will work with you to assess your specific pharmacokinetic sampling needs and determine kit contents based on the following study details:

  • Study design (dates, duration, number of subjects, number of cohorts, etc.)
  • Matrices to be collected (whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, fecal, biomarkers, sputum, synovial fluid, or cerebral spinal fluid)
  • Specimen sample volume and number of time points to be collected
  • Anti-coagulants or other stabilizing additives or inhibitors required
  • Collection, storage, and shipping materials needed 

Individual kits for each study participant can be assembled, or collection supplies can be provided to the clinical site(s) as bulk inventory.

Specimen Sample Handling Instructions
All specimen collection kit shipments include a detailed sampling, handling, and shipping manual that we generate specific to the study protocol. If needed, we can assist in the design of study requisition forms to ensure all documentation coincides with the protocol, and can develop training materials to educate site personnel on proper collection, labeling, and shipping methods. Throughout the clinical trial, we will communicate with the clinical site(s) to answer any questions that may arise during collection and/or shipping. For more information please see Specimen Handling Guidebook.

Sample Volume

Please see individual tests for specifice sample volume.