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UBRL Livestock Diagnostics is conveniently located in Fresno to serve the dairy and beef operations in and around California’s central valley. Our Livestock Diagnostics division was envisioned to provide diagnostic services for efficient herd management in operations in our community. 

Our goal is to provide both ‘Owners & Veterinarians’ the tools for monitoring and improving cattle health to maximize herd productivity. Productivity and profits are maximized by focusing on:
• Improving reproductive efficiency.
• Increasing production yields.

Our History
UBRL is a licensed reference laboratory for health and human services located in Fresno, CA. Our human clinical diagnostics is a CLIA & CA state regulated facility accredited by COLA. We have also been providing clinical research services for over 15 years at various locations in the central valley. UBRL has a robust Quality Assurance (QA) & Quality Control (QC) policy that has made us a proud recipient of COLA Seal of Quality in human healthcare.
We bring the same level of commitment and similar QA & QC policy to Livestock diagnostics to provide accurate results and prompt service to our clients.

Assays & Services
Our individual ELISA based assays are tailored to facilitate developing a cost-effective and an efficient herd management program for businesses. Our local lab access coupled with quick turnaround times would enable the dairy and beef operations to make productive and cost effective decisions.