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BLV Testing

(Bovine Leukosis Virus)




The UBRL Livestock Diagnostics BLV Test is a highly sensitive and specific method for producers and veterinarians to detect and control BLV in their cattle operations. BLV is caused by the bovine leukosis virus that infects dairy and beef cattle. BLV causes inflammation and dysfunction in lymphoid tissue causing malignant lymphoma and lymphosarcoma in infected animals. Once animals are infected they are lifetime carriers and shedders. The virus is spread directly through animal to animal contact via blood, milk/colostrum and in-utero from dam to offspring.

The UBRL Livestock Diagnostics BLV test uses an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for the detection of antibody to BLV. It is very accurate on serum. Test negative cows are BLV free.