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Blood Pregnancy Testing



UBRL is a BioPRYN Affiliate Lab

Pregnancy Test Requirements:

Cattle: 28+ Days Post Breeding; 73+ Days Post Calving

Goat: 30+ Days Post Breeding

Sheep: 30+ Days Post Breeding



Serum Pregnancy is tested using the BioPRYN assay, an assay that has been used to test over 6,000,000 samples. This test detects PSPB molecule concentrations in serum to determine if Cattle, Goat or Sheep is pregnant or open. Bovine can be tested as early as 28 DPB and 73 DPC. Therefore if a producer’s voluntary waiting period (VWP) is 45 days (which is 45 days post calving) they can collect a blood sample 28 days later because the animal will also be 73 days post calving. The voluntary waiting period is the length of time from when the animal calves to when they are bred for the first time. If a producer has a voluntary waiting period of 40 days they would have to wait until the animal is 33 days post breeding (which would equal 73 DPC) before collecting the blood. If a producer has a voluntary waiting period of 60 days, the blood could be collected 28 days later which would be 88 days post calving. Additionally, tests can also be done with Sheep & Goat at 30 DPB or greater.